Monthly Archives: June 2009

A semi-wild-and-crazy scarf

I recently made my third scarf on my 20inch Knitter’s Loom. While I thought I’d be eager to branch out from just plain weave (and worried that the rigid heddle would therefore bore me quickly), I actually find that there … Continue reading

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Fun Sheep Stuff

So I’m still slogging away on my cardigan, and haven’t woven anything this week…so I thought I should finally share some stuff I’ve been putting off taking pictures of. The sun finally came out this afternoon and I could take … Continue reading

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Playing around with clasped weft

Last month’s Rigid Heddle Weaving Group at In Sheep’s Clothing was all about clasped weft weaving. It was really straightforward, but I’m glad I watched someone do it (and tried it immediately afterward). It’s essentially a technique for putting more … Continue reading

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Knitting progress

I’ve been mostly knitting on my cardigan this week, though I hope to play with the loom again soon. These are the socks I started traveling back to CT last week. Started is the operative word And here’s my progress … Continue reading

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