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A semi-wild-and-crazy scarf

I recently made my third scarf on my 20inch Knitter’s Loom. While I thought I’d be eager to branch out from just plain weave (and worried that the rigid heddle would therefore bore me quickly), I actually find that there … Continue reading

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Two scarves in two weeks?!?

Honestly, this weaving business is so much fun that it feels like cheating. I like scarves. I really do. I just don’t have that many because I *hate* to knit them. So boring. Going on and on and on and … Continue reading

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The Mitten Got a Mate…

I finished the second mitten on Thursday night – no second mitten syndrome for me, but how can you get second mitten syndrome when it takes two hours to make one? They make a lovely pair! I have enough yarn … Continue reading

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Instant Gratification

Projects go MUCH faster whenever I succeed at knitting monogamy. It makes sense – if all the efforts go into just one project then I’ll plow through it. Sometimes, though, I get a wandering itch, where I want to put … Continue reading

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Getting there…

The paisley print shawl is getting there.  Two more rows in the transition, 20 in the border, six after the border, then tricot edging.  There are over 500 stitches on the needle at this point.  Scary!

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Paisley wrap update

I really ought to get some pictures of this thing in progress. I’m now on round 7/8 of repeat 10/13. This is getting exciting! Maybe I’ll be done with it by mid-June, so I can get to knitting for the … Continue reading

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