About me

I’m a fifth year graduate student at Yale University in genetics.

But really, we know that tells you next to nothing about me, but one could suppose from this disclosure that I’m fairly nerdy (true), am highly likely to possess a large vocabulary (also true), and that odds are in favor of me wearing glasses (again, true).

I’ve been knitting since December 2002, my second year of college. Over Christmas break, I was in bored, and in my local Wal-Mart (happens surprisingly often at my parent’s house). I bought a pair of long aluminum knitting needles, pale purple and size ten, two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun, and a rather bad little instruction manual on how to knit.

After an hour sitting on my parents living room floor, I finally tied my first slipknot. Why I didn’t quit sometime in the hour before, or in the hours following, the world will never really know, but I’m glad I didn’t.

That’s another thing about me – I just don’t quit.

For more random ramblings and writing, visit my writing blog.

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