Week One with the Loom

It’s been a week since I bought my Ashford Knitter’s loom, and I’m enjoying it tremendously. It was a very busy week, so I didn’t have quite as much fibery time as one would expect with both my roommates out of town. I met my new roommate for the fall and went a New Haven Symphony Orchestra concert she was playing in (turns out, I may have a thing for Mendelssohn), roasted coffee for Hot of the Press, and hung out with some friends who are finally finished with classes for the semester – yay! But I did get some loom time.

Sunday, I completed then finished my first weaving project (a scarf between 5/9 and 5/11 – geeeeez that was fast!). To finish it, I gave it a good soak in woolwash and rinsed it, then added a bit of conditioner to the rinse to help soften up the silk in it. I was a bit surprised that the purple bled so much onto the white yarn, but I like the overall effect. Not the softest yarn still, but wears just fine.

Weaving Set One

The striping effect is mainly a product of light (still trying to figure out how to photgraph weaving projects without that happening!) The yarn is Farmhouse Yarns Silk Blend in Lilac, which is listed as 34% Silk, 33% American Lamb’s Wool, 33% American Cotton at a DK weight. I used almost a whole skein (350 yards/4 oz) for the scarf, which came out to be about 88 inches long (including 4 inches of fringe on each end) and 6 inches wide. I made it using the 10dpi reed for the Knitter’s Loom.

Weaving Set One

The selvages are okay. Let’s just say the edges are far far far superior to my first knitting effort.

I think it was Tuesday night when I warped on my next project.

Weaving Set One

I’m using Rio de la Plata sock yarn. I bought it thinking it was superwash (because it was marked so) but was warned while leaving the yarn shop not to machine wash it, and I’ve seen complaints about felting on Ravlery. So weaving the yarn seemed like a much better idea than turning it into socks!

It’s still very much in progress. I’m hoping for slightly shorter and wider out of this scarf. It’s weaving up beautifully and I’ll see how it turns out in good time.

About Kristy Lamb

I recently finished my PhD in genetics at Yale and am currently a postdoc at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University in NYC. I love science, people, and the fiber arts. We'll call it my muse. I taught myself to knit over Christmas break in 2002, when I was home from my sophomore year in college and was terribly bored. Despite starting with three big mistakes (very long aluminum needles, a very bad Coats & Clark how to knit book, and Lion Brand Homespun), I kept at knitting, even after that first 1/2 hour trying to tie a slipknot. Science...seems to be much the same process as the above.
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1 Response to Week One with the Loom

  1. Lynn says:

    I got a rigid heddle loom for Christmas – can’t wait to use it. I used a Ashford Knitters loom in October and made a scarf and fell in love with it. Just not sure what to start with for my project. More concerned with the warp fiber than anything else. The second project I tried on the Knitters loom the yarn wasn’t strong enough and it just fell apart. Your projects look wonderful. I love the colors of the sock yarn you are using.

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