I own a loom!

I’ve been looking for a new challenge, something to occupy some time and give me a new creative outlet for the stress in my life. Something therapeutic. I thought about trying spinning more, maybe going for a wheel, but that seemed like more of a technical challenge at this point (after my drop-spindling adventures). I wanted something that would be technically straightforward to get started at, but would have a great deal of creativity and room for exploration. And, being able to use my current stash would be considered a bonus. I’ve been thinking about weaving on and off for a while, but living in an apartment, a floor loom just isn’t happening. Then I heard about rigid heddle looms, and it was a case of hearing about the right thing at the right time.

After a few days of looking around online, I headed up to In Sheep’s Clothing in Torrington, CT. The drive to Torrington, about an hour away, was amazing. Once I got to Woodbridge, it was just tree-lined roads with lovely curves, green, green trees – the trees got their leaves just this week – blooming dogwoods along the road. Once I got onto CT-8 in Seymour it was just rolling hills of green with granite hills all over the place, and a lovely river beside the road. I forget, living in New Haven, just how much I actually enjoy driving, and how lovely Connecticut could be. If it were always May and October, and I could live in the valley, I’d never leave Connecticut. It’s those six months of naked trees and ice and snow that just kill me. I think North Carolina is really the best parts of Connecticut for much more of the year.

Back to the looms…I liked the standard Ashford Rigid Heddle looms, and had intended to get one of them, but their stands are quite large. The Ashford Knitter’s loom turned out to be the loom for me. The stand was much more compact and I *do* really like the fact it folds. The bag is really nifty as well! Ginger at In Sheep’s Clothing was fantastic in helping me choose a loom and then giving me my first weaving lesson.

Here she is! I feel it’s a she. I wonder what her name will be…
My new knitter's loom

The yarn I’m using for my first project, a six-inch wide scarf. I don’t know what it is, but it’s got silk in it. That’s a first for me.
4 great iPhotos

And this is the beginning of my first project. I love this picture!
Weave on

It’s amazing to me, already, how differently the yarn behaves and what it looks like when it is woven up versus knitted up. There are these interesting specs of color throughout it. And my poor stash – I’m looking at it entirely differently now, and dreaming of what I’m going to warp on next.


About Kristy Lamb

I recently finished my PhD in genetics at Yale and am currently a postdoc at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University in NYC. I love science, people, and the fiber arts. We'll call it my muse. I taught myself to knit over Christmas break in 2002, when I was home from my sophomore year in college and was terribly bored. Despite starting with three big mistakes (very long aluminum needles, a very bad Coats & Clark how to knit book, and Lion Brand Homespun), I kept at knitting, even after that first 1/2 hour trying to tie a slipknot. Science...seems to be much the same process as the above.
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3 Responses to I own a loom!

  1. Amelia G. says:

    I’m looking at my stash with fresh eyes too — a whole bunch of sock yarns are now labeled scarf yarns 🙂 and the solid colors aren’t nearly so boring!

  2. Nicola says:

    Love your first scarf! I am just waiting for my 20″ Knitters Loom to arrive (ordered a week ago) so will keep an eye out for what you are making!!

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