Progress Report

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my tri-colored scarf, since I’m using a friend’s needles. I find that I get burned out on it fairly quickly, however, since having to constantly stop and turn the needles agitates me for garter stitch things. I re-figured out how to knit backwards, but that’s still very awkward for me and takes even longer. Grr. Perhaps I will simply perservere til I can knit forward and backwards mad-crazy-fast.

The other UFO calling my name the past few days has been my Shapely Tank. It helps that the clover wrap makes the yarn and needles look HUGE, despite being dk weight on size 6’s.

I cast on for my lucky clover wrap tonight. I’m starting with a sleeve, since I like to knit one of those first, in case my guage changes from when I swatched it’s not quite as agonizing to rip out. It was VERY slow-going since the first six rows were k1p1 rib, and for me that takes forever (3 hours to cast on and do six rows of 92 stitches each). I think I’ve done all six rows of ribbing, however, and it’s time to transfer to larger needles (from 0’s to 1’s, time to throw a par-tay!). Hopefully the larger needle and the end of moving the yarn back and forth for every stitch will let it pick up some.

I know this will be a longer-term project, so I’m just going to try to work on it a few days a week while continuing other stuff. I think once I knit one component of it, the rest will get far easier. I may need a couple of instant gratification projects soon, though.

I haven’t gone back to Coronet yet this week, despite the fact it’s been hanging out in my backpack. I have been very busy in the lab and it’s almost this saddened thing, when you realize that by the time you finish it, spring will be here. It might be cold at the end of the month in DC, however, so I ought to at least TRY to finish it soon. I think I just need to knit myself something for the spring as a reward. I like to think someday I’ll turn out to be an off-season knitter, but it’s moments like this that teach me, no, that won’t work.

I also have a second booga bag in process that I haven’t touched lately. The I-cord and bottom are done, stitches picked up, and the round begun. I think I’m just saving it for a late-night car trip, since I can knit on it in the dark and mistakes are very easy to fix later (if they’re too major to be corrected by the felting).

About Kristy Lamb

I recently finished my PhD in genetics at Yale and am currently a postdoc at Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University in NYC. I love science, people, and the fiber arts. We'll call it my muse. I taught myself to knit over Christmas break in 2002, when I was home from my sophomore year in college and was terribly bored. Despite starting with three big mistakes (very long aluminum needles, a very bad Coats & Clark how to knit book, and Lion Brand Homespun), I kept at knitting, even after that first 1/2 hour trying to tie a slipknot. Science...seems to be much the same process as the above.
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  1. Melissa says:

    Wow! That’s so crazy you need to use size 1’s for the lucky clover wrap! And I thought I was crazy designing it to use size 3’s! Knit On!

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